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CDM Regulations Training now live!

CDM Regulations Training is now live!

We're delighted to announce that our CDM Regulations Training is now live! 

What are the CDM Regulations? 

CDM stands for Construction Design & Management and the regulations were introduced back in 2015. Their main aim is to make construction projects safer; not just whilst the project is being carried out but also beyond. This is achieved by assigning Health & Safety responsibilities to key duty holders in a project. 

Who do they apply to? 

First and foremost, the CDM Regulations apply to every single construction project. So who do the regulations apply to? They apply to everyone working on, or involved in, the project. It splits "everyone" into The Client, Contractors, Designers and Workers. Visitors and the general public are protected by the regulations but they aren't part of it.

CDM Regulations Training Contents 

  1. What are the CDM regulations? This section covers the foundations of the regulations, the core values, different duty holders, the penalties faced for non-compliance and much more.
  2. Planning - How do you ensure that a construction site is planned safely? We look at appointing the right duty holders, assembling the right pre-construction information, phase plan and Health & Safety file.
  3. Safe sites - This section looks at maintaining a safe construction site, looking more specifically at vehicle safety, emergency procedures and welfare facilities.
CDM Regulations Training Promo Video

Try it for yourself... 

We think your staff will love this short interactive course. Don't believe us? You can try our CDM Regulations Training for FREE today and familiarise yourself with the regulations in under 30 minutes! 

Our CDM course completes a lovely trio alongside our LOLER and PUWER courses but we also offer over 40 other construction specific Health & Safety / HR compliance training courses!