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Are chrome fire extinguishers illegal?

Are chrome fire extinguishers illegal?

Chrome fire extinguishers are a constant cause of confusion among workplaces, as many are unaware of the laws regarding the colour and question the legality of them.

Chrome fire extinguishers are more often than not found in restaurants and hotels. This is because they are made from stainless steel & aluminium which means they are less likely to be affected by corrosion, making them a perfect option for outdoor areas where they are more likely to get damp.

Contrary to popular belief, chrome fire extinguishers are actually completely legal, however, the confusion regarding them stems from the fact that they don’t conform to British standards. Chrome extinguishers do not conform to British standards as it states in part 16.1 of the standard (BS EN3-7: 2004) that 95% of the body of the fire extinguisher must be red.

However, the standard is just a recommendation, so fire safety regulations would not be broken if you were to install them.

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