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PUWER Training now live!

PUWER Training is now live

We're delighted to announce that our PUWER Training course is now live! 

PUWER stands for The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. Our CPD Accredited Online PUWER Training aims to educate you on when equipment is suitable for use, safe to use, inspected properly and accompanied by suitable health and safety measures. This course is perfect for working towards compliance with current legislation. 

Each year almost 14,000 incidents are reported to regulators involving faulty equipment, which lead to approximately 309 deaths and this is in the care/medical sector ALONE!

Who does PUWER apply to? 

Simply put, PUWER covers any workplace where the Health and Safety at Work Act applies, no matter how big or small an organisation is - and this includes equipment used by people who work at home.

And they cover anything that’s being done with work equipment – such as handling it, cleaning it, repairing, servicing, maintaining or modifying it and storing and transporting it, as well as when it's being used for its intended purpose.

PUWER Training

What does the course cover? 

  1. PUWER Responsibilities - We take a look at the responsibilities in PUWER. What equipment does PUWER apply to? Who is responsible for what, with a slight focus on employees responsibilities.
  2. Safe Standard - We explore safe standards surrounding PUWER, including equipment maintenance, minimising risks, inspections, special considerations and the question that you should always ask: is the equipment fit for purpose?
  3. Protection and Controls -  In addition to safe standard, we look at the specifics of protection and control when using dangerous equipment. We explore things like using guards, controls and stop controls, power presses and mobile work equipment. 

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