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Sexual Harassment Awareness Training now live

After months of hard work from our Scriptwriting and Creative teams, we're thrilled to announce that our Sexual Harassment Awareness Training is now live!

Our training course raises awareness, sheds light on the grey areas, and provides you with the tools and guidance you need to identify, prevent and remove sexual harassment from the workplace.

Sexual Harassment - a workplace pandemic? 

Whilst developing our Sexual Harassment Awareness Training, we looked into some of the shocking statistics behind sexual harassment in UK workplaces. We knew that it was an already existing problem but our research has left us shocked.

Watch the video below: 

Sexual Harassment - A workplace pandemic?

It's been a great team effort for this course, handling a very sensitive subject... with some thoughtful footage and lovely animation from Elaine, and more of Matt's awesome 'cartoonified' people, we were able to create some very realistic scenarios and I think this course might be one of our most thought-provoking courses to date!

Lottie Galvin, Lead Scriptwriter and Creative Writer for Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

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