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Are there any tools that will help me make a Risk Assessment?

Are there any tools that will help me make a Risk Assessment?

A risk in the workplace is anything that poses the threat of an incident or accident. In the UK alone, 137 people died from accidents in the workplace through 2016/17. This number could have been significantly reduced by following basic Health & Safety procedure, which should have been put in place after a risk assessment document was completed. Additionally, there were also a further 621,000 injuries recorded in just 12 months.

By analysing and assessing risks, you decrease the chance of any accidents occurring in your workplace. With over 30.4 MILLION working days lost from workplace injuries in the UK alone, you shouldn’t need any other incentive to do your part and complete a quick-and-easy risk assessment!

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Free Online Risk Assessment Template Tool

We have also developed a FREE interactive tool, called My Risk Assessment which allows you to create unlimited risk assessments for your organisation.

My Risk Assessment prompts you to think about the significant risks in your place of work and decide whether you need to implement safety precautions and procedure to control the risks that you identify. Simply register and gain instant access to this amazingly useful tool! Create your first Risk Assessment today by using our free, online risk assessment template.

Risk Assessment Template - My Risk Assessment