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What is an Appointed Person?

what is an appointed person

With over 555,000 non-fatal injuries in the UK occurring in the workplace each year, it is essential that somebody can attend to an accident in the workplace as soon as possible.

When an organisation has any type of staff employed, they must ensure that they have a First Aid Appointed Person (FAAP). A FAAP is appointed when the organisation does not meet the minimum requirements for a fully-qualified First-Aider. This is decided by a First-Aid Needs Assessment.

The Duties of an Appointed Person

An appointed person has the duty to:

  • Take charge when somebody becomes ill or is injured whilst working. This includes calling an ambulance if one is needed.
  • Looking after the First-Aid Box and any other first aid equipment, including restocking the box.
  • Keep and store the records of all treatment given on site.

Appointed Persons should not attempt to perform first-aid in which they have not been trained for.

Appointed Persons are not legally required to have any approved training to carry out their responsibilities, however, it is highly advised that they do carry out training so that they are familiar with all the responsibilities that they hold.

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