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How You Can Get Our Risk Assessment Tool For Free!

Great news! We've extracted our Risk Assessment Tool from our Risk Assessment Training course, meaning you can now access it for free! 

What is a Risk Assessment?

A Risk Assessment is a process of evaluating all risks that may be present in a workplace, involved in a project or even involved in a simple undertaking.

Why should I assess risks? 

There are a number of risks present in all workplaces, which can pose threats to employees. Assessing these risks gives you an opportunity to put appropriate control measures in place and/or eliminate the risk altogether. 

7 reasons you should use our Risk Assessment Tool!

  1. It's now free! 
  2. It can all be done online saving you time and paper. 
  3. You can add multiple hazards to an assessment.
  4. Set review and action dates. 
  5. Highlight the severity of each hazard. 
  6. Create as many assessments as you want!
  7. All risk assessments are stored online and can be accessed at any time.

My Risk Assessment Website

How can I get access to the free Risk Assessment Tool?

Head over to My Risk Assessment to get this tool for free. Simply register and get instant access! 

At the moment the website is very simple and is designed to just give you access to our tool but we'll be improving the website drastically in the upcoming months, so keep your eyes peeled! 

If you're looking for something a little more in depth, then please check out our Risk Assessment Training, which provides a much better overview of assessing risks!