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iHASCO’s eLearning Competition!

iHASCO's Monthly eLearning Competition

Our newly launched returning to work after Coronavirus course gives the following advice: If you’re at work and you’re starting to feel anxious go outside - even if it’s for 30 seconds. Fresh air and a few deep breaths can reset you.

This piece of advice resonates with us all - particularly in light of the challenges faced by many of us while learning to adapt to a new routine of working from home and/or juggling family life. We are all beginning to appreciate fresh air and the outdoors much more - it can provide a welcome break and help our wellbeing in many different situations, not just during working hours.

The prize

So for this month’s eLearning competition and giveaway, we are offering the chance to win a £50 national garden gift voucher. Whether you choose to grow a herb garden, grow some vegetables, pick some new pots and flowers or solar lights for your outdoor space, it will help inspire you to get even more out of your garden. Let’s just hope the sunny weather continues!

How can I win?

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is complete one of your training sessions during June. One user ID will be randomly selected and we'll have your dedicated Account Manager inform you if you or a member of your staff are our lucky winner.

Here’s another chance to win...

We will also have another £50 national garden gift voucher to win!

Just complete the following steps:

  1. Print off your certificate and take a photo of it (You'll get bonus points if you give us a nice smile with your certificate! 😉 ) But remember if you don’t have a printer you can always take a photo of your certificate on your laptop screen!
  2. Post it to either Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin be sure to tag us and use #iHASCOCompetition! You'll also need to include the certificate ID number (Bottom left of your certificate) in the post so we can find you in our database.

We will pick our favourite photo from those received.

Remember... You need to be in it to win it!

The winners for this eLearning competition and the prize draw will be picked when the next eLearning competition is announced in July.

The full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

Last month’s winners

Congratulations to May’s prize draw winner - Chris from Ark.

And also congratulations to Leona, you have been selected to receive the prize for posting this fabulous picture below of your certificate and your cat! 

image of laptop with a certificate on screen from successful completion of an iHASCO online course

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