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Aaron’s tips for getting staff to do their Health & Safety Training – Part 2

Aaron with moving Chairs

At the end of November I published a blog providing tips for getting staff to do their Health and Safety training and I promised to report back on our training Winners and Losers!

DSE training week was a great success! That’s not to say it was smooth sailing, as staff are busy, but within the first week most people had completed the course. As I always say “the quicker you log onto the course and get it done, the quicker you can get on with something else. The training is not an optional task but mandatory.” At the beginning of the second week I sent out another email just as a reminder to those still to complete the course. Thankfully by the end of the second week everyone was completed … so unfortunately no naming or shaming this time round!

As I’m sure you’re aware, getting everyone through the course was just the first half of the process, the second half is going through the issues raised in the risk assessment. Lucky for me, our LMS makes this process EASY. I simply log-on to the LMS and download the Risk Assessment report. This saved me so much time as I didn’t need to troll through risk assessments if they didn’t have any issues.

We are pretty on top of things here at iHASCO and everyone just comes to me or Kaz if they have an issue with equipment anyway so there wasn’t much that needed sorting. The main issue was the office chairs; people either needed a new chair or a gas refill. I managed to get all the issues sorted over the first half of January, and that’s our DSE done for another year!

Reviewing Health and Safety procedures is a key element to ensuring constant progression and streamlining the H&S processes year on year. For me this year, the hardest element was finding the time in my day to review the Risk Assessment reports. Next time, I will set aside a specific hour for reviewing the risk assessments, as I was starting to hold the process up. I hope sharing our experience has helped, it would be great to hear your Health and Safety training stories.

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