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Our Health & Safety / HR Compliance FAQs & Resources aim to answer the questions that some of our clients have asked us down the years, whilst providing helpful resources for employees and employers. There are various FAQs answered for many course topics such as DSE, Fire Safety, Bullying & Harassment and many more. At the bottom of each FAQ page, you’ll also find handy resources for the related topic that are usually taken directly from the relevant course!

Our FAQs

As a leading provider of Health & Safety and HR compliance eLearning, we're always being quizzed by our clients about various topics. We’ve put all of these questions together and put them into handy categories relevant to our courses. We answer questions like ‘How do I correctly apply DSE if I have 2 screens?’, ‘What can I do to recycle more at work?’ and ‘Do I have to tell my employer that I am pregnant?’.

Our FAQ areas are split up into 2 sections: questions about the course itself and then questions surrounding the course topic e.g. New & Expectant Mothers at Work.

Our Resources

The resources are designed to work alongside our training programmes. Whilst they are not always animated and may not look as stunning as our training courses, they provide useful information and can act as supporting material for your Health & Safety training. Best of all they are completely free! They include things such as a handy print-out to remind you which type of fire extinguisher should be used for which type of fire or DSE checks that you can carry out on your desk. We also have a free Health & Safety checklist available for download. 

Check out our glossary of Health & Safety terms to gain a better understanding of the terminology surrounding Health & Safety.

We also offer posters for topics like Environmental Awareness and Manual Handling, as well as resources for employers on what to do in certain situations such as a disciplinary procedure or what to include in a Substance Misuse Policy.

We will be regularly adding to our FREE RESOURCES & FAQ’s as new courses are released so please look at it regularly, or even set it as a favourite!

Free Resources & FAQ Area