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Average score 4.8

201 reviews

  • 84% 5
  • 13% 4
  • 2% 3
  • 0% 2
  • 0% 1

This course was more confirmation of what I knew already, so given a neutral score.

Good (for online training)

Some good content and worthwhile topic- would be SO much more effective if face to face and delivered by an experiecnds practitioner .

common sense.

I didn't find this course to be advantageous due to the majority of the content being common sense. I appreciate that this may not be the case for all, and the content was presented well which is why I have given the rating I have.

Informative but brief

A knowledge checker at the end maybe helpful to monitor the learners understanding of the training

Great if you have never lived

If you need this course you must be young and never lived in the real world.As it was brought to light in the 90,s that we need to learn . This is the era of bleeding heart liberals and the rise of the P.C brigade, Prior to that you learned as life progressed .Now with this kind of teaching were turned into drones who think the same and believe the same and dont agree or disagree with anyone. And as your thinking empathy your country is over run and your slaves but you wont disagree with anyone.


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