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Average score 4.7

3477 reviews

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Doesn't apply

In all my four years of employment as front of house staff there has never been any of this substances in the 02 Guildhall hall during my shifts let alone used any of them, so fail to understand purpose of this.

very hard to digest!

Sorry but i found this one horrendous i was losing the will to live by the test it could possibly be boken into two tests. Even the ladys voice was as though she was just reading a script or auto cue didnt like it 2020 nor in 2021 nightmare sorry needs to be easier to understand perhaps more images like 'the hierarchy of hazard control"sorry

Too complicated

Hard to understand ...not simplified down as well as it can be....too many buttons to press to complete training....just let it run then take the test....test is pointless as you just learn pattern of correct answers instead of understanding what is actually asked as can only pass with 100% even if you fail one's so silly and pointless!!


Video training is always boring. Prefer the transcript. Would have been better if they were not dynamically underlined.Slow - gives an experience of listening to a slow advertisement when you want to get on with the job and comprehend matters.

Course kept crashing!

every time it went on to a new slide it crashed and I had to back out to your menu and take off from where I left off.

To long

With out good internet connection this was nearly impossible to complete. The video were long and I lost concentration a lot


No summary provided

not great for technical staff

I thought the course presenter was ok but the cubes used to represent human beings and the cartoonish characters are an insult to people working with substances hazardous to health. The pitch is too simple I think this exam was supposed to be for students, plus Im sure that the cleaners arent required to do this training when they are also cleaning areas where substances hazardous to health are being used, and they use substances that arent environmentally friendly

website issues

Struggled to complete this course as the website froze 5 times

Low on relevant info

Nice graphics at the start, pleasant presenter.. however.. .mostly a waste of time, our staff doesn't need to know the technical differences between fumes and vapours, they need to know what to look out for. Few people need to know what GHS stands for, rather spend time to explain why oxidising can be a danger, etc.

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