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Average score 4.6

407 reviews

  • 79% 5
  • 12% 4
  • 5% 3
  • 2% 2
  • 2% 1
Additional content

I liked the availability of additional content with further detail on areas I was interested in. This did make the course longer than advertised however. It would be good for a time range to be given.

A good introduction / overview

The course summarises the basics that everyone should know. However, more detailed training is definitely required in some areas depending on your job role and position in the organisation.

Nice and Concise

No summary provided

Videos are unnecessarily slow

I did eventually find the transcript, which made it 3x faster. I like the testing and the script is clear and simple - but the video is just a waste of time.

good and well informed

good all over view on traning

Very useful and simple to understand

No summary provided

Good content but pace was too slow

Most on-line video platforms now allow users to vary playback speed - please add this to your platform. I rarely listen to spoken content at anything less than 1.25x original speed.

Highlights important information

Easy to watch, good explanations and examples Was interrupted on 2/ 3 occasions - found it distracting to having to sign-in again to continue to complete training.

Does what it says on the tin

The course title describes pretty much what you get, an introductory awareness course on current ethical and cyber security issues that all of us have to know about. The speakers in the clip do mention more in-depth training videos for particular areas of concern.

Clear and well presented

Would prefer not to be tested to acquire certificate, rather just by attending.


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