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Average score 4.6

407 reviews

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A bit too much, a bit out of date

Overall there was perhaps a bit too much, too diverse stuff covered too superficially in one course. The more in-depth, dedicated ones are better.Also, the cybersecurity section was a bit out of date. There was no mention of multi-factor authentication which is easy, common, and much stronger protection than strong passwords. The advice about HTTPS was also out of date and potentially misleading since nowadays fraudulent sites usually have legitimate certificates.

see below

The Cyber Security with regards Mailware, Emails, Passwords etc was good to see however everything else I have done within the last year on other training Videos


No summary provided

not bad

I liked the style of the course, how it was in bite size sections and didn't feel like it was bombarding you with info. I felt that a lot of it wasn't relevant to me though so it was a bit long and boring.

This one or all the others

This training is great because it resumes other trainings. But it you have to do all of them, this one would be a compilation of them, and it's quite long.

it’s ok

No summary provided

Good overview but a bit repetitive

The course included sections on several topics that were covered in other dedicated courses such as GDPR, Cyber Security, Modern Slavery, Bribery and Environmental awareness so the only things that were new were the sections on Fraud, Money Laundering and Whistleblowing.

Found watching it a hard work

The man who delivered it did not have any changes in voice or anything and by the time 20 min were up my attention was going . I think something a little more interactive eg instead of the quiz at the end having the questions at the end of each section would keep interest and help to keep focus.

Good but......

Having to complete these types of coursers year after year, the option should be made available to take the quiz first, that would mean I don't lose an hour of my life I'm never getting back.

I think the questions in some situations

In my opinion the questions in some situations are not very clear.


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