Any device, any screen size

Learners can access and complete their training on a mobile, laptop or desktop.

Our LMS and course content has been designed from the ground up to work with all modern standards compliant web browsers and at a variety of screen sizes.

So whether your learners are sat at a desktop computer in an office, using their laptop on a train, looking at a tablet on a worksite, or watching on their phone as they eat their lunch, they can still get their training checked off.

A grey tablet showcasing iHASCO's Fire Awareness course A grey mobile showcasing an iHASCO course. The slide of the course shows a presenter wearing a black shirt talking to camera.

Closed captions included

The perfect solution for when audio is muted or the learner is deaf or hard of hearing.

Whether your learners are hard of hearing, are watching in a noisy workplace, or need to work with the volume turned down, all of our courses include transcripts and closed captions (subtitles) which can be switched on or off with the click of a button.

Learners can also use the interactive transcript to jump to a specific spot in a video which they want to revisit to clarify their understanding of a particular point.

Portrait of a man with long black hair in front of a white screen We'll explain how to... set up your workstation and how best to use Display Screen Equipment.

Screen reader compatible

For those who are blind, visually impaired, illiterate, or have a learning disability.

Our LMS and course content is compatible with a range of assistive devices such as screen and braille readers and plays nicely with built in browser accessibility tools such as page zoom and custom stylesheets.

Sound wave to illustrate iHASCO's screen reader capabilities.

We believe that the opportunity to learn, to increase knowledge, and to improve understanding should be open to absolutely everybody. That’s why we take accessibility so seriously and why we’re committed to constantly improving how we deliver our courses.

All multilingual

Providing clarity and assistance for learners where english is not their first language.

Language can be a barrier to effective communication, so both our LMS and our captioned course content is machine translated into 34 international languages so there’s no room for misunderstanding.

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