We host our application in a secure data centre based here in the UK and all communications between you, iHASCO, and the application occur through a secure encrypted connection.

To ensure the ongoing security of our entire infrastructure we run regular vulnerability scans and employ external agencies to conduct penetration testing. Our systems and software are patched in line with an established Incident Response Policy.

For clients that require additional levels of security, we’ve also built features like email domain validation and IP address whitelisting into our LMS. Single Sign-on is also an option for clients who want to improve security through centralised management and provide a consistent login experience for their staff. Should you opt to use our course content in a third-party LMS (SCORM) we also one-way hash the data we retain for absolute protection.

As an organisation, iHASCO are Cyber Essentials Approved, GDPR, and Data Protection Act compliant. We’re also a G-Cloud 12 Framework supplier – making it easier and safer for public sector organisations to use our services.

In addition, all of our staff receive regular training in Cyber Security Awareness and Data Protection Legislation to ensure that they're always up to date with current regulations and requirements.

For more information please see our data protection policy and information security statement.

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Reliability means that you can always count on us to be there to help, on our application to always work and do what it’s supposed to do, and on the content of our training to always be accurate and up to date.

To ensure this, all of our software goes through a strict quality management process, receives a system of automated testing, version control, and is released through a managed deployment process.

We have systems and procedures in place for the 24/7 monitoring of the performance and stability of our application and can boast a 99.5% uptime.

All data is backed up daily and stored remotely in a secure data centre and we have contingencies in place for disaster recovery. We also routinely audit and review the performance of third parties to ensure their compliance with both our terms and conditions and their legal obligations.

And, we provide channels through which you can be notified of changes, issues, and updates to the application in advance.

But it’s not just the reliability of our application that is important, it’s also important to know that iHASCO as an organisation and the content we produce is reliable too.

iHASCO is a privately funded organisation, with over 25 years’ experience in delivering workplace training. All of our courses are meticulously researched and go through a series of reviews to ensure accuracy and many are audited, approved, and accredited by recognised authorities.

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