Getting new and existing employees onboarded is quick and easy.

We provide a set of easy to use tools in our LMS that make importing employees and mapping any custom fields an absolute breeze. You can opt to let users self register, use moderated self registration or import users in bulk.

We'll send your new learners a welcome email when you're done and notify them of any course enrolments. If you need to you can also sync users with other business systems using our free documented client API.

a screenshot from our 'add or update users' page in the learning management system. a screenshot showing three fields of data from a client's user.
a screenshot from our learning management system showing an overview of users. a screenshot of a pop out selection of options from the overview.


Manage any aspect of a learners training profile with just a few simple clicks.

Once you’ve got some learners up and running it’s just as easy to manage them individually or in bulk. You can perform actions such as sending emails, archiving users and enrolling them in specific courses.

We provide support for multiple LMS administrators so if you have colleagues that need to manage their own organisational segments or just help you out, we have that covered too.


We remind learners to start, complete and renew their training via email on your behalf.

We take the pain out of repetitive manual tasks such as chasing users to start, complete or renew their training with our intelligent automated email reminders. Our application does all the leg work for you. Just sit back and watch your compliance graph on the dashboard turn green.

We even keep a record of all the automated reminders we send on your behalf so should you need to, you can demonstrate you’ve taken reasonable steps to ensure that employees are completing their mandatory training.

A screenshot of our reminder emails page. A screenshot of the report card from our learning management system.
A screenshot of our 'How are you doing?' overview from the learning management system. A screenshot from our overview of a calendar date range.


See the big picture at a glance and access detailed reports whenever you need them.

We give you an at a glance overview of how you’re doing with your training as an organisation which is perfect for your management team. When you need more detail there’s a consolidated training report which provides a comprehensive picture of your users’ training.

Ad-hoc live reporting gives you the ability to see how your employees are doing against any specific course with the click of a button, filter down to a specific date range, organisational segment, or use any custom field attribute or result status to get at the precise information you need.

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