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Managing short-term absences this summer

Managing short-term absences this summer

Summer is often associated with outdoor activities, social gatherings, and major sporting events that can lead to an increase in short-term absences. 

This summer, businesses can expect a rise in short-term absences among employees. With events like Euro 2024 on the horizon, it's important for employers to be prepared and proactive in managing these absences effectively. 

Supporting staff and setting expectations 

Here are some of our top tips for supporting your staff whilst also setting expectations ahead of the Euros this summer... 

Clear communication 

Set clear expectations regarding attendance and the procedures for reporting absences. Ensure that all employees are aware of the company's absence policies and the importance of adhering to them. 

Flexible working arrangements 

Where possible, consider offering flexible working hours or remote work options. This can help accommodate employees' needs while ensuring business continuity. 

Promote wellbeing 

Encourage a healthy work-life balance. This can help reduce the likelihood of absences due to overindulgence or burnout. 

Fair and consistent approach 

Address absences fairly and consistently. Avoid making exceptions that could lead to perceptions of favoritism or unfair treatment. 

Monitor and review 

Keep track of absence patterns and be vigilant for any trends that may require intervention. Regularly review your absence management policies to ensure they remain effective. 

To help you navigate the challenges of managing short-term absences this summer, we've created a short guide on managing short-term sickness absence. This free guide will help you: 

  • Work towards legal compliance 
  • Know how to best manage sickness and absence 
  • Know what processes to follow for absences and sicknesses 

Ultimately, summer is a time for enjoyment and relaxation, but it can also present challenges for employers. By being proactive and supportive, you can manage short-term absences effectively and maintain a happy, productive workforce. 

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