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New course release - Coaching & Mentoring Training

New course release - Coaching & Mentoring Training

Need to coach a new member of your team and help them hit the ground running? Maybe you want to establish a culture of coaching and mentoring at work? Or perhaps you want to share something you are passionate about with someone who's keen to learn?

Whatever it is, our new Coaching and Mentoring Training course is a fantastic starting point for those in a position where they'd like to share their knowledge, expertise, and ideas with somebody they know!

 By the end of this course, users will: 

  • Understand the differences and similarities between 'coaching' and 'mentoring'
  • Be equipped with tools that'll help you become an effective coach and mentor 

Want to become a more effective coach or mentor? Claim your free, no-obligation trial to the course today! Alternatively, you can request a bespoke quote and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your training needs.