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KCSIE 2023 Draft Guidance - What’s changing?

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As we get closer to schools, academies and colleges breaking up for the summer, now is the perfect time for education staff to get familiar with the proposed changes to the 2023 KCSIE document. 

Our KCSIE Draft Guidance course comes free with any other purchase and will be updated to reflect any changes made between the draft guidance and the official guidance. 

The course provides a simple, bitesize way of digesting the changes to this guidance -  staff will also receive a certificate upon completion as proof of reading and understanding the guidance.

Key changes at a glance

While there have been no major additions to the guidance, the planned changes are more about bolstering and clarification of existing messages with more detail:

  • Clarification text has been added to raise awareness of the existing expectation for relevant staff to understand filtering and monitoring in relation to students' online use on school-owned devices
  • Revised information has been provided to highlight the distinction between children absent from education, and children missing education
  • Information on forced marriage has been updated to reflect the change in law that occurred in February 2023
  • Information on child exploitation has been updated to include a new reference to multi-agency practice principles

You can read more about the proposed changes here.

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