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Why is HR compliance so important?

Ensuring HR compliance

Last weekend saw International Human Resources Day celebrated throughout the globe – at iHasco, we have an expert human resources (HR) team, backed up with our colleagues within Citation, so support for our employees and ensuring HR compliance is always high on our priorities.

Why is HR compliance important?

Compliance in HR helps organisations to manage their practices in both a legal and ethical way, providing key support to management and all other employees. iHasco provide a range of courses in HR compliance that have helped many companies across the globe with their legal and ethical obligations.

Why you should invest in HR compliance training

Some of the key reasons to invest in HR compliance training are:

  • Mitigating risk – Managing risks around employment practices supports compliance – knowing what to do in subjects such as workplace safety, harassment, and data protection can help you assess and respond to situations effectively. With proper compliance measures, businesses can safeguard employee wellbeing, minimise accidents, injuries, and other liabilities, and protect sensitive employee and company information.
  • Creating a positive work environment – HR compliance can support employees to feel comfortable at work, increasing satisfaction and engagement. Measures such as ensuring recruitment is fair and equal, providing opportunities for all, and transparent policies create an environment of trust amongst employees, leading to a more productive workforce and improved retention.
  • Ensure legal protection – By understanding and adhering to HR compliance regulations, companies can protect themselves from legal risks and potential lawsuits. This supports fair treatment of employees, prevents discrimination, and minimises risks that could lead to financial or legal penalties.
  • Saving money – Getting things wrong in HR compliance can cost you money. Legal disputes, fines, and penalties associated with non-compliance, can run into big numbers and cost organizations can allocate their resources more effectively. Compliance measures such as proper record-keeping, benefits administration, and payroll management also minimize errors and reduce administrative costs.
  • Protecting your brand – Just think about how an adverse HR incident could negatively affect your reputation with customers, partners, suppliers and more. Treating employees in the right way, supporting initiatives to engage staff, providing a safe space to work in, ensuring you’re up to date with legislation all support how you are perceived in the marketplace. Learn how to do this through appropriate training and guidance.

HR compliance training – key to success!

In summary, a sensible approach to HR can support with ensuring compliance – at iHasco we believe that regular training in key areas is integral to this. HR compliance provides a wealth of benefits, protects you and your employees, can save you money in the long run, and supports creation of a better place for everyone to work – all of which contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of the organisation.

To find out more about how iHasco can support you to be compliant, check out our range of courses here.