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How managerial development can help you retain your staff

A manager presenting in front of their team

You’ve probably heard of the “Great Resignation”. It’s, unfortunately, becoming more commonplace as of late. If you’re unfamiliar with this phrase, it’s essentially used to describe the record number of employees quitting their jobs to seek better opportunities and working conditions.

Whilst organisations are seeing this across all levels of staff. It is tough losing those in management positions because there is such a shortage of highly qualified candidates.

For this reason, organisations need to take steps to ensure that managerial staff feel like they are getting a good deal in their current role. And one of the most effective ways of doing this is by offering them development opportunities!

By providing a managerial development plan, you are making them feel more valued and motivated to work and setting them up to be part of the future of your business.

Creating a managerial development plan

There are several development opportunities that you could offer your staff, and it can be overwhelming to come to a decision. However, the best thing you can do is speak directly with your staff, so that you can develop a managerial development plan that suits their progression plans. 

Some practical ways of developing your staff include:

  • Enrolling them on classroom training courses
  • Assigning them a mentor that they can shadow
  • Giving them time each week to dedicate to personal development
  • Enrolling them on practical e-learning courses

Online training for managers

Want to offer your management team opportunities to learn and grow? Why not take a look at our online Management Training courses designed to aid the development of an individual’s management skills?!

Not only do these courses contribute to their CPD hours, but they also provide printable certificates upon completion so that they have evidence of their development.

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