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Why eLearning Is the future for many businesses

Why eLearning Is the future for many businesses

What is eLearning, and why are businesses now choosing this employee training solution? Many individuals are now familiar with the term “eLearning”. It has almost become synonymous with workplace training due to its popularity among businesses in recent years. 

What is eLearning?

eLearning is defined as training that is delivered electronically, usually through an online course. It offers a time-efficient way for employers to train staff at an affordable price, conducted on a computer or digital device.

eLearning has started to rise in popularity in the business world, primarily because of its ease of access. However, it has come a long way from what it used to be.

In the 90s, eLearning would have been dull, unengaging PDF documents sent to staff to read. This created a negative stigma surrounding eLearning, with many business leaders deeming it ineffective. But now, eLearning course content is more engaging, training platforms are more user-friendly, and reporting has never been easier.

For a further breakdown of eLearning, see our blog about the types of eLearning.

Why choose eLearning?

There are many benefits to choosing eLearning courses over traditional training methods. Whilst we believe that a blended learning approach is most effective, here are some of the reasons why eLearning continues to rise in popularity:


As a faster way to distribute and complete training, employers can save on costs that would arise with classroom training. This includes hiring a venue and food and travel expenses.

With eLearning, employers lose fewer working hours, as training can be sent efficiently online and completed individually rather than group learning in a classroom environment.

Management & reporting are simple

Once an eLearning course or test is completed, the user receives instant feedback and results. This is much easier for employers as other forms of learning management and assessments may require time to read and give results. 


In the modern era, digital devices are usually available to all of us. This means eLearning training can be delivered and completed anywhere.

Better scalability

Adding more learners to an online course is much easier than a classroom training session. With eLearning, the trainees will only need to be added to the training group online. In contrast, alternative venues will have to be regularly considered if there are significantly varying numbers of trainees in classroom sessions. 

Reduced environmental impact

eLearning courses help organisations to reduce their carbon footprint. As training is online, paper usage is reduced, and there is no unnecessary travel. 

Choosing the right training provider

Several factors must be considered when looking for a training provider that suits your needs. Before you commit yourself to spending on training, you should consider areas such as:

  • Approvals & accreditations
  • Quality of content
  • Course duration
  • Pricing
  • eLearning Platform Usability

As a market-leading workplace training provider, we believe we will have a selection of training courses that will be relevant and beneficial to your organisation.

With over 150 accredited online courses that provide a printable certificate upon completion, we can help your organisation cover crucial areas of development like Health & Safety Training, HR & Business Compliance Courses, Soft Skills training, and Management.

Every course purchase comes accompanied by our free LMS, one of the many reasons thousands of organisations of all shapes and sizes choose iHASCO as their workplace training solution.

You can claim a free, no-obligation trial to any of our courses today! Alternatively, you can request a bespoke quote for your organisation, and a member of our team will get in touch to discuss your training requirements.

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