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Don’t Slip,Trip & Fall for other eLearning providers

Don\t slip, trip, or fall for other eLearning providers

It can be extremely costly to be found to be in material breach of Health & Safety law. You’ll have to pay for the time it takes an inspector to identify the breach, the costs of resolving the breach, and then potentially legal costs.

It is therefore essential that all employers and their staff understand their legal duties in order to avoid breaching current legislation.

When you partner with iHASCO, you’ll be making your business safer, whilst making it more  inspection ready, but don't just take our word for it… A massive 85% of our clients said they're less likely to have a Health & Safety or HR incident and 80% said they're more confident facing an inspection as a result of using iHASCO*.

Other survey results revealed:

  • 94% said their staff are now more aware of their responsibilities in the workplace as a result of using iHASCO 
  • 94% said that by using iHASCO, reporting on training within their business had become much easier 
  • 95% said managing training within their business had become easier as a result of using iHASCO
  • 96% said the onboarding process with iHASCO was simple and quick
  • 98% said that iHASCO is good value for money 
  • 88% said they saved money by using iHASCO
  • 91% said that they have been able to build a more productive, happy and safer workplace as a result of using iHASCO 

*Based on over 300 client responses from a variety of different sectors and business sizes

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