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Taking the headache out of workplace training


Learning and development is a fundamental part of a successful organisation and good employers understand that investing in their employees is a win-win. But no one wants to part ways with their money for a training provider that does little to remove the leg work involved in implementing and managing workplace training. 

That’s where we come in.

We recently sent a survey to our clients to gain a better understanding of their views when it comes to cost savings, compliance, and simplicity with iHASCO. Looking at the results, we found a number of areas where we made managing workplace training easier for our clients.

When you partner with iHASCO, managing training within your business becomes easier. At least that’s what 95% of our clients say*!

Other survey results revealed:

  • 94% said that by using iHASCO, reporting on training within their business had become much easier 
  • 96% said the onboarding process with iHASCO was simple and quick
  • 98% said that iHASCO is good value for money 
  • 91% said that they have been able to build a more productive, happy and safer workplace as a result of using iHASCO 
  • 88% said they saved money by using iHASCO
  • 94% said their staff are now more aware of their responsibilities in the workplace as a result of using iHASCO 
  • 85% said they were now less likely to have a Health & Safety or HR incident at work as a result of using iHASCO 
  • 80% said they would now feel much more confident with Health & Safety inspection as a result of using iHASCO

*Based on over 300 client responses from a variety of different sectors and business sizes

Looking for a training provider that makes setting up, managing and reporting on training a walk in the park? Give us a call on 01344 867088 or request a bespoke quote today!

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