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The state of cyber security in 2022

The state of cyber security in 2022

We’re living in the age of computers and AI, with technology playing a more important role in our lives with each passing year. With the pandemic acting as a catalyst for increasing digitalisation, we are seeing more technology usage than ever before. With that said, it is crucial that businesses are prepared to cope with the threats that come with the digital revolution.

Embracing technology has been great for us as a global community in many ways. It has enabled people and businesses to almost seamlessly shift to remote or hybrid working models, with a plethora of collaborative softwares to utilise.  

However, technology can be a double-edged sword. The more technologies used by organisations, the more opportunities there are for cyber criminals to launch cyber attacks.

Although cyber-attacks may seem unlikely to happen to your business and more likely to play a role in a blockbuster film, cyber attacks are far more prevalent than you might think, with 39% of UK businesses reporting an attack in the last 12 months.

With that said, we’ve pulled together some headline statistics from a 2022 government survey surrounding the state of cyber security so that you can get a real understanding of the threat to your business…

The state of cyber security infographic
  • Just 54% of UK businesses have acted in the past 12 months to identify cyber security risks
  • Just 33% of UK businesses have formal cyber security policies in place
  • Just 23% of UK businesses have a formal cyber security strategy in place
  • Just 29% of UK businesses train staff or do mock phishing exercises
  • Furthermore, just 17% of UK businesses provided training or awareness raising sessions specifically for those not directly involved in cyber security
  • 39% of UK businesses report having any kind of cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months
  • Among those identifying any breaches or attacks, 49% say this happens once a month or more often. Around 31% say they experience breaches or attacks at least once a week
  • Among those that have identified any breaches or attacks, 62% take action to prevent further breaches, with additional training and communications being the most popular action
  • Phishing attacks are the most common type of cyber attack suffered by UK businesses
  • 20% of UK businesses that identify breaches or attacks experience a negative outcome, such as a loss of money or data

These statistics demonstrate the need for instant action. Many organisations aren’t doing enough to educate their staff in areas of cyber security. It is imperative that all staff understand what is expected of them.

Human error is one of the greatest risks when it comes to cyber security. Fortunately, your staff will also be your strongest asset, so effective training is a must.

Online Cyber Security Awareness Training

We are delighted to have recently updated our Cyber Security Awareness Training course!

The course content continues to align and evolve with current legislation but has been given a new look, in terms of refreshed visuals and a slightly revised script, so you can ensure your learner's continue to be fully engaged with the topic.

We have designed the CPD Accredited course for the use of all levels of employees. It offers information on what cyber security entails, how breaches occur, and what they can do to help protect their organisation from cyber attacks. It can be completed in just 35 minutes and, like all of our courses, provides a printable certificate upon completion.

If you already have access to this course, you won't have to action anything, the updated course will replace your older version in training suites. Training Administrators will still be able to see past results but your staff will be able to access the updated version from today onwards.

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We also offer a number of free Cyber Security Awareness resources that you can instantly access. This includes our Cyber Security Checklist and our Employees Bitesized Guide to GDPR & Cyber Security. These resources are a useful tool to outline the importance of Cyber Security Awareness, and offer actionable steps to help employees prevent cyber attacks.

Online Cyber Security Awareness Training