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4 ways to reduce Health & Safety and HR costs and improve employee retention with training

4 ways to reduce Health & Safety and HR costs and improve employee retention with training

Businesses across the UK are being heavily impacted by the rising cost of living and soaring inflation. In a May survey by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), more than a quarter (26%) of UK businesses cited “inflation of goods and services prices” as the main concern for their business. Additionally, recruiting and retaining staff is now more difficult than ever amid a post-pandemic rise in demand for greater working environments, better known as ‘The Great Resignation’.

This means many business owners are going to be looking at how they can cut costs and improve efficiency in their operation, as well as ensuring they remain attractive to potential and existing employees. A maybe surprising, yet great way to do that is through the use of effective workplace training.

We recently sent a survey to our clients to gain a better understanding of their views when it comes to cost savings, compliance, and simplicity with iHASCO. Looking at the results, we found a number of areas we have helped our clients to reduce costs and help them to improve employee retention.

We have put together a free-to-download guide that looks at the key ways in which workplace training can help organisations to cut costs and improve employee retention. Our findings are supported by the results from our survey and can give your business an idea of how it can reduce costs during this economic struggle.

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You may think that choosing an effective workplace training provider could be too costly, particularly if you’re a small business.

However, as the numbers in the guide demonstrate, finding the right training provider really can save you money in the long run – not to mention time, stress, and worry.

Joining iHASCO is more than just a transaction - it's an investment in the future of your business. Our high-quality and cost-effective eLearning courses are sure to help your business cut costs in a number of different ways.

So, see how much better off you could be with iHASCO by giving our friendly team a call today. Simply dial 01344 867088 to see how you could benefit from our services.

Alternatively, you can head over to our website today to claim a free, no-obligation trial to any of our courses, or request a bespoke quote.

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