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KCSIE 2022 Draft Guidance - What’s changing?

What's changing with KSCIE 2022? Man supervises child on phone

With school summer holidays rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time for staff to get familiar with the proposed changes to the 2022 KCSIE document. 

Our KCSIE Draft Guidance course comes free with any other purchase and will be updated to reflect any changes made between the draft guidance and the official guidance. 

Our course provides a simple, bitesize way of digesting all of the changes to the guidance, and staff will receive a certificate as proof of reading and understanding the guidance.

The changes at a glance

While there have been no major additions to the guidance, the planned changes are more about bolstering and clarification of existing messages, with more detail.

  • Sexual violence & harassment - terminology changes and greater emphasis on risks for LGBT children.
  • Disclosure - Staff are reminded that children are not always ready or able to talk about their experiences of abuse and/or may not always recognise that they are being abused.
  • Domestic abuse - New information has been added to explain the impact of domestic abuse.
  • Governance - There is a new emphasis on governor/proprietor safeguarding training to ensure their understanding of their important strategic role, as well as their legislative responsibilities. 
  • Equality - Relevant parts of the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA), the Equality Act 2010, and the Public Sector Equality Duty have been outlined and explicitly linked to safeguarding, particularly as regards to diversity inclusion, prejudicial and discriminatory bullying, and sexual violence & harassment.
  • Safer recruitment - The guidance clarifies that a curriculum vitae (CV) should only be accepted alongside a full application form.
  • Allegations and safeguarding concerns about staff - Learning from all allegations against staff investigations should be incorporated by schools and colleges, not just from those that are concluded and substantiated. The guidance now makes clear that schools and colleges can choose to whom low-level concerns about staff are reported to, so long as it is clear in their policies.

The consultation and full draft guidance document can be found here.

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