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May’s free soft skills course

May's free soft skill course - Creative Thinking

This month's free Soft Skills offer is our brand new Creative Thinking Training course!

Creative thinking is one of the many fundamental skills that make human beings brilliant, and although some of us are naturally more creative than others, with practice, it’s something we can all improve.

Creativity can mean coming up with an original idea in a meeting, finding an effective solution to a problem, or even cooking a delicious meal using the items in the back of your fridge. It’s all about how your mind processes and creates new thoughts and ideas. Without creativity, every work of art and every invention - from the Sistine Chapel and the Mona Lisa to the aeroplane, the telephone, the toaster, and even the device you’re using right now - simply wouldn’t exist.

Creative Thinking Training Course

By the end of this course, users will:

  • Know what it means to think creatively
  • Understand the importance of thinking creatively in the workplace
  • Gain some actionable tips on how to think more creatively

How to access these free courses

Simply log into your LMS, click on the “course library” tab and you’ll see the promotional card to add the course to your account. You can then assign this course to your staff manually or assign it to everyone. Access will be limited to 30 days from the moment you add the course to your account and you will receive email notifications to let you know when this access is near to expiring. 

Please contact your account manager or speak to a member of our support team if you need any assistance!

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