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New course: Gender Identity & Expression now live

2 woman talking in the women's toilet

Gender Identity & Expression (GIE) is now live! 

Discussions about gender identity and gender expression are increasing in the modern world. However, ways that we express our gender have been explored for centuries in a variety of cultures - for example in South Asia, where countries like India have a recognised ‘third gender’ that’s been documented in ancient texts dating back as far as 4000 years ago.

Now is the time to learn more, open our minds, and start having honest and respectful conversations about gender and the many ways it’s felt and expressed. Having these open conversations in your workplace is a crucial step towards learning more about the true nature of gender and how much variety it encompasses.

This course is Citation Approved and can be completed in just 10 minutes! Take a sneak peek below…

This course will enable learners to…

  • Understand the difference between a person’s gender identity and their biological sex
  • Better understand what it means to be transgender, non-binary and gender-fluid
  • Understand the importance of gender expression in all aspects of life
  • Learn some simple ways to actively show support to the trans community

Get instant access to this course today and provide your staff a basic understanding of gender identity and the importance of gender expression.

Gender Identity & Expression Training
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