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iHASCO Wrapped - What did 2021 look like for us?

iHASCO 2021 Wrapped

Back in 2020, many people saw 2021 as a year of promise and opportunity. Having spent the best part of a year surrounded by uncertainty and lockdowns, 2021 was a glimmer of hope for all of us, with vaccines being rolled out, national lockdowns looking like a thing of the past, and the promise of a strong England squad going into the delayed Euro 2020.

Although the Euro final may not have played out like you wanted, we hope that going into 2022, you can be proud of your achievements.

Here at iHASCO, our team has racked up countless achievements and pieces of work to be proud of over the years, but 2021 proved to be a particularly special one! What did 2021 look like for us?

New courses

Going into the year with a course library that hosted over 100 courses already, you might have expected us to slow down course production during 2021… that was not the case!

In fact, throughout 2021 we released a whopping 19 new or updated training courses! 

This includes eight brand new Soft Skill Training courses, a new, exciting library of courses designed to help staff develop core skills that are key in the modern workplace.

Customer Satisfaction survey results

‘Seek constant improvement.’

This is a core value of ours at iHASCO, and it is one of the driving forces behind all of the work we do.

With that said, each year we send out our satisfaction surveys in order to gain a better understanding of which areas of our services clients are satisfied with, and which they think need improvement.

The results from the 2021 survey gave us an average score across the board of 4.6/5!

See the full survey results here.

New website features

For most of our new audience, our website often acts as the first impression of our brand. For this reason, we’re strong believers the website should reflect our vision and values.

Ensuring that our website is easy-to-use, yet informative is a goal that we constantly work towards. 

Throughout 2021, our web development team worked tirelessly towards this goal. Here are some of the features they implemented in the process of doing so…

New application features

Throughout 2021, our application development team ensured that any person using our services was provided with an efficient way of implementing and completing workplace training. Some of the key features that were implemented last year include…

  • New reporting tools (available via both the LMS and a new API)
  • Improved accessibility
  • Adding a Single-sign-on (SSO) system
  • Created our Homeworking assessment tool
  • Enhancements to LMS insights


Due to the pandemic, 2021 prevented us from attending as many events as we would have liked.

Presenting ourselves to a new audience, as well as having the opportunity to meet existing clients, is always a fantastic experience. Therefore, throughout 2021 we began to ease ourselves back into face-to-face events whilst also adopting virtual events that we became so accustomed to in 2020. Some of the key events we attended include…

  • OSH Forum
  • Connect 2021
  • Safety in Construction Show

Additional resources

Training and development comes in many different forms. Whilst we’re generally known for our high-quality eLearning courses, we also create a number of additional resources to further support our clients and wider audience.

Some of our headline statistics surrounding our additional resources include…

  • Receiving 8,685 additional resource downloads
  • Releasing the first ever edition of the Workplace Journal
  • Publishing 253 blogs
  • Partnering with our sister companies Citation, QMS, and SMAS to release new helpful resources

52 New starters

Here at iHASCO, we have a number of core values that we ask staff to invest themselves in. Whether it’s making a genuine difference, having fun and looking after each other, or not being negative, our core values ensure that everyone is hard-working, friendly, and always available to help.

With the rapid growth of our business, 2021 saw us scouting for even more talented individuals that would help us to work towards our company vision.

With that being said, we employed 52 new members of staff in 2021 alone! These members of staff proved to play a crucial factor in our success throughout 2021, and we know they’re going to do great things going forward!

Awards and certificates

As a leading training provider, it is only natural that iHASCO commit themselves to ensuring all staff are provided with opportunities to develop their skills. Throughout 2021, many of our staff members started and finished qualifications that will help them further their careers.

Additionally, as a business we received a number of awards and certificates including…

Other milestones

Finally, I wanted to include a few miscellaneous milestones we reached throughout 2021…

  • Further approvals by IIRSM, IOSH and RoSPA
  • We delivered 3.3 million training sessions
  • Achieved a 4.64/5 average rating on based on thousands of new reviews

Thank you

It goes without saying that without our amazing clients and staff, we would not be where we are today. With that said, we would like to thank each and every person who has completed a course, downloaded a resource, read our blogs, or given us a call! 

Additionally, we would like to extend our thanks to the wonderful iHASCO Team who, through their dedication and hard work, ensured that we could deliver the highest quality content and service.

And who knows, maybe the next time we put together one of these blogs I will be talking about England’s World Cup win?!