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Competition Law Training is now live

Screenshot from Competition Law Training

The latest course to be added to our Business Compliance course library is Competition Law Training. And we’re thrilled to announce that on top of this, it’s the first course in our library to take the form of a different medium - it’s our first audio-based course! 

Businesses, just like individuals, compete with one another. But the outcome of business competition can have an effect on a huge number of people. The effects of business competition can be both negative or positive and, for some, could mean the difference between poverty and prosperity. So competition between businesses needs to be properly regulated to ensure that we can all benefit. Competition Law is needed to ensure competition between businesses is properly regulated to ensure that everyone can benefit. 

This course will provide information about the importance of competition and why the law needs to keep it fair.

In just 20 minutes, users will:

  • Know what business competition is and why it's important
  • Know who enforces competition law in the UK
  • Understand how the law defines anti-competitive behaviour
  • Be able to identify the three ways in which the law protects healthy competition between businesses
  • Understand why competition law is relevant to them and your company

Take a look...

iHASCO’s first audio course 

Here at iHASCO, we’re constantly looking for new ways to help our learners take in the vital information they need to know in order to work safer, happier and more productively. This is why we have launched our first audio-based training course. 

The biggest benefit to our audio-based course is that learners get to save time and multi-task whilst completing their training! Your employees can safely listen and learn whilst commuting, working, walking, gyming, completing chores at home, exercising, sitting at work resting their eyes, and more! It’s also beneficial to those that like to complete their training on their phone or tablet. Once the audio is playing, staff can safely lock their device and put it back in their pocket or bag.

The course will still appear in our client's training suite as our video courses do and they will be able to use the usual platform to access and complete it. Employees will also have a 10 question test at the end to test their knowledge, but if they’re completing their audio course on the go, their test should only be completed when it's safe to do so.

For our visual learners…

If you have staff that are more visual learners, they have the option to either read the full transcript under the slide (the presenter can be speaking or muted), or they can put the subtitles on and follow along with those. 

They will also see that the screen shows…

  • a sound wave as the presenter speaks 
  • a subtle circular timer that slowly fills up as the time passes 
  • titles at the top of the screen that change periodically as the presenter moves from one subject to the next

If you would like to try our Competition Law Training for free, you can get instant access today! 

Competition Law Training
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