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January’s free soft skills courses!

January’s free soft skills courses

New year, new me NEW COURSES!

Have you set your new year's resolutions yet? When we set our new year's resolutions, these are often new goals we want to achieve, or sometimes, they're starting (and then completing) a new project. You might start a painting project and want to finish it in a couple of months, or you might volunteer to run a project at work. Perhaps you'd like to set a goal of learning a new language or getting a promotion by the end of the year. 

Well, we have just the courses to help...

This January, Setting Goals and Project Management Essentials Training are free for the whole month!*

You can get free access to these courses for all your staff for the whole month. Once you've activated the offer, you and your staff will have access to the course for 30 days only.  After completing these courses, staff will...

  • Know what a project is and what a project manager does
  • Understand the Project Management Triangle and how it can help them
  • Know the stages of a project and what they need to do throughout to make it a success
  • Understand the importance of setting goals
  • Gain an introduction to SMART goals, Anti-Goals, and the WOOP method, and...
  • Set a goal or two of their own

How to access these free courses

It only takes 3 simple steps;

  • Log into your LMS,
  • Click on the “course library” tab
  • Add the promotional card for each course and add them to your account.

You can assign each course to your staff manually or assign it to everyone.

Access to each course will be limited to 30 days from the moment you add the courses to your account and you will receive email notifications to let you know when this access is near to expiring. 

Should you need any assistance, please contact your account manager or speak to a member of our support team. 

*These soft skills courses can only be accessed for 30 days, once added to the account via the LMS. Certificates can be accessed for up to 12 months from the date of training completion.

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