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Employee bitesized guide series: GDPR & Cyber Security

Bitesized guide to GDPR and Cyber Security. An employees guide.

The third title in our series of bitesized guides for employees provides a brief outline of the importance of GDPR & Cyber Security. It will help employees:

  • Understand the link between data protection & cyber security 
  • Learn why data protection and cyber security are so important in the workplace
  • Help them understand the ways in which they can safeguard your organisation from security breaches

Download Guide

If you missed the first two employee bitesized guides in the series you can download them here:
Core health and safety
Mental health and wellbeing

These guides have been produced to help you introduce your employees to some key Health & Safety and HR topics in the workplace.

Keep an eye out for our employee bitesized guides still to come! We will be covering Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Soft Skills!

Need further support when it comes to helping your staff understand GDPR and Cyber security? Find out more about our GDPR and Cyber Security training here. Did you know you can gain instant access to our full course library to check out our courses without making any commitments to use our training? However we are confident your staff will love our engaging, video-based content to help them get to grips with vital workplace training so check it out for yourselves!

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