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An exciting update for Lone Worker Safety

A snapshot from our Lone Worker Safety Training

As you may remember, back in August we launched a 'presenter only' version of our Lone Worker Safety Training due to popular demand from our clients.

But now, this course has now been fully animated to bring it in line with the rest of the high-quality video content found across our library!

Take a look at what you can expect to see from the course...

Our Lone Worker Safety Training is essential for anyone who works by themselves, without direct or close supervision for all or part of their schedule (whether they work in one or multiple locations). Users will;

  • Be able to implement simple safety strategies when they travel to, from, and for work
  • Have practical skills that keep them vigilant, confident, and safe while they work alone
  • Understand their employer's responsibilities with regards to their safety at work
  • Know how to communicate effectively to defuse tension
  • Know what to do in emergencies and threatening situations
  • Have an understanding of buddy systems and lone worker technology
  • Know what resources are out there to support their mental health
  • Have an understanding of Bystander Intervention

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Lone Worker Safety Training
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