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Free mental health & wellbeing resources

Free mental health and wellbeing resources. Raise awareness with your staff around World Mental Health Day.

The 10th October 2022 is World Mental Health Day. And what better time is there to help raise awareness of mental wellbeing at work? Our experts have put together some free resources to support you with managing mental health in the workplace.

Many businesses are pushing the importance of employee mental health up the agenda, but it is often difficult to know where to start.

Podcast: Mental health & wellbeing - tips for employers

In this 40 minute podcast, our panel of experts look at top tips to support mental health in the workplace, from how to spot mental ill-health symptoms to building a ‘mental health friendly’ workplace. This podcast is pre-recorded for your convenience so tune in now or block out a suitable time in your day to listen!

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Mental health awareness 2-in-1 whitepaper

This 2-in-1 whitepaper provides a wealth of information on the impact of mental ill-health in the workplace, tips for improving employee mental health, understanding and easing workplace stress, managing anxiety and much more. The second whitepaper provides guidance on the recent ISO 45003 standard - managing psychosocial risks in the workplace. This comprehensive resource will provide you with lots of practical advice and information when it comes to being more proactive with mental health awareness in the workplace. 

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Not sure where to start?

Our award winning online workplace training provides the perfect introduction to mental health and wellbeing topics to your employees. Courses include Mental health awareness, managing anxiety, resilience and stress awareness & management. You can gain instant access to our full course library to trial any course

So this World Mental Health Day, why not make a positive impact on mental health awareness in your workplace, and make a genuine difference to your employees by implementing some of the ideas you have learnt about today!

Online mental health awareness training