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Employee bitesized guide series: Core health & safety

A bitesized guide to core health and safety. An employees guide.

We’ve put together a series of bitesized guides to provide a brief overview of some of the key HR and Health & Safety topics, relevant to all workplaces. These are not a substitute for training but will allow employees to understand the importance of the topic in question and why it is relevant to them, in a handy guide that can be referred to as and when needed.

Whether you provide these guides to your employees as part of an induction, or use them alongside their online training, they will help ensure you create a workplace where being informed and gaining knowledge is valued.

Our first guide in the series is: Core health & safety.  It will help employees:

  • Understand 5 of the most common health & safety risks at work
  • Discover relevant actions to take to enhance their understanding
  • Find out where to get further information 

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Look out for our upcoming guides, which will include Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, GDPR & Cyber Security, Mental Health Awareness and Soft Skills...

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