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What are iHASCO’s best selling Health & Safety courses and why?

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After an unprecedented year for businesses, the easing of lockdown restrictions is starting to see more employees returning to the workplace. As part of the return to work process, a refresher of vital health & safety training for employees is not only paramount for a smooth and safe transition, but essential after some time away from the workplace. We take a look at some of our top selling health and safety courses right now, and explore some of the reasons why businesses are focusing on these areas.

Manual Handling Training

Length of manual handling course: 35 minutes
Suitable for: All levels of staff required to undertake manual handling
Approvals: IOSH & CPD

Man carrying a box across an office

From those who work in a hospitality environment to an office, employees are often required to carry heavy deliveries or move bulky items. It may have been a while since staff received manual handling training, and if employees have been furloughed or have been working from home they may have forgotten the fundamental principles of safe handling. If not all staff are returning at once, it is possible that some employees may now be required to assist with deliveries as part of their role and will therefore need to understand how to stay safe when lifting, to avoid the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. The HSE reports that handling, lifting or carrying accounts for 19% of non-fatal injuries to employees. With the correct training, employees can carry out their duties safely and with confidence. 

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Fire Awareness Training

Length of Fire Awareness course: 30 minutes
Suitable for: All staff
Approvals: IOSH & CPD

Oxygen, heat, fuel fire triangle from iHASCO'S online Fire Awareness training course

An essential part of welcoming staff back to the workplace is to ensure they receive a refresher in fire awareness training and refamiliarise themselves with the working environment, particurlalry if they have changed location or buildings due to social distancing. It is a legal requirement to receive regular training, and many employers have taken the decision to immediately refresh everyone's fire safety training as a priority on their return. On top of that, the financial impact of a fire is devastating and many businesses never recover after a major fire.

Despite your legal obligations, it just makes sense to ensure your staff are safe from the risks of a fire. Not only can training help them prevent a fire but it will also remind them about the common fire signage around the workplace and understand how to deal with an emergency.

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Slips, trips & falls prevention training

Length of Slips, Trips & Falls Prevention course: 30 minutes
Suitable for: All staff
Approvals: IOSH & CPD

Slips, trips and falls examples at work

Many workplaces have been closed or had minimal staff coming onto the premises. With more employees returning it is important to remember the importance of good housekeeping and personal responsibility to yourself and others in preventing slips, trips and falls. It is important to create awareness about these potential hazards to help avoid accidents and ensure employees stay safe and productive.

Slips and trips cost UK employers approximately £512 million per year in lost production and other costs.


Essential Health & Safety Training

Length of Essential Health & Safety course: 45 minutes
Suitable for: All staff
Approvals: IOSH & CPD

Health & Safety hazard symbols

For many, returning to the workplace will be welcomed but it may feel quite different with new COVID-secure measures, or only a partial return of the workforce. A good way to ease staff back in is to provide an induction which will not only include a one-to-one meeting with their manager, but also some refresher training. Our health and safety essentials course has been particularly popular to provide employees with a clear review of some key topics to keep them safe at work. Refreshing their memory in the areas of fire awareness, slips, trips and falls, manual handling, basic DSE, basic COSHH and electrical safety will help them get back up and running safely.

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DSE Training

Length of DSE training course: 30 minutes
Suitable for: All staff classed as a DSE user
Approvals: IOSH & CPD

Man sat at a desk using DSE

Whether staff are returning to their same or different workstation, they should undergo training and complete a DSE assessment to ensure that they are minimising the risk of symptoms and injuries associated with being a DSE user, such as eye strain, backache and fatigue. It is possible that employees have slipped into some bad habits or forgotten best practice surrounding the use of display screen equipment. It doesn't just apply to those returning to work either. Any employee who is going to be continuing to work from home on a more permanent basis should also complete refresher training and a DSE assessment in order to control the risks to their safety.

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With many businesses juggling a huge number of demands, implementing online workplace training can help companies meet their health and safety obligations. All employees, whether they are new or have been away from the workplace for some time, require training in some key areas of health and safety. Whilst, quite rightly, there is a huge focus on creating COVID-secure workplaces, it’s important to recognise and address other health and safety implications for your employees too. With iHASCO you can be sure that your staff undergo affordable and engaging training. We understand that as an employer you want to create a positive health and safety culture, and implementing an effective training programme is part of this. 

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