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Free download: Testing and vaccination FAQs from employers

Free download: Testing and vaccination FAQs from employers

The phased rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine has been dominating headlines, as the UK continues to battle high rates of transmission and new variants of the virus. With the government aiming to offer vaccinations to millions of people by the springtime, there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel for employers, following a gruelling year of lockdowns and uncertainty.

Naturally, your priority is to get back to business as safely as possible. However, you’ve probably got some questions about testing and the vaccine – particularly around whether you can impose either mandatory testing or mandatory vaccinations on your employees.

In this free-to-download document, Citation’s HR & Employment Law experts break down the most common questions they’re hearing from business owners around the topic, to make sure you stay on the right side of your legal obligations.

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