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The importance of choosing approved training

The importance of choosing approved training

What is it that makes iHASCO stand out from other training providers? Is it our high-quality video content? All of the additional resources provided with each course? Our free Learning Management System? Unrivalled levels of customer support? Or, is it the range of approved and accredited online training?

We like to think it’s a mixture of all of the above and we know that all of our clients are grateful for the above features, but in this blog, we’re focusing on the importance of accreditations and approvals; what do they add to courses and why should you always look for training that’s approved?

By having your workplace training approved and/or accredited, employers can be assured that their chosen training is recognised by a range of approval bodies who are authorities within their industries. 

We aim to get our courses audited by at least one recognised body to confirm the accuracy and quality of our courses. And if a body has approved one of our courses, their logo will appear on staff certificates. Some of the bodies that approve iHASCO course content also go beyond accreditation and help us enhance our content for a better learning experience. 

Our training is approved and/or accredited by 7 different bodies in total;

  1. Skills for Care
  2. IATP 
  3. CITB 
  4. IIRSM 
  5. RoSPA 
  6. IOSH 
  7. CPD 

What are the benefits of approved training?  

Enhanced value of training 

Having training approved by a recognised body provides it with a stamp of approval demonstrating the quality and accuracy of your training. Accredited training also allows you to show support for the personal and professional development of your staff. 

Staff loyalty

By investing in training that’s accredited, you’ll be encouraging professional development and you’ll also be demonstrating a desire to invest in employees’ learning, development and skills. This can result in increased staff loyalty and as a result, you may lower staff turnover.

Quality assurance

Having your training approved by recognised authorities reassures employers that the training will provide high-quality content, expertise and knowledge, and will help them stay safe and legally compliant at work. 

If staff understand that the training they are undertaking is going to be of great quality beforehand, they’re more likely to buy into the training programme and you’ll meet much less resistance. 

Developing staff skills

By providing specific employees with training that you think could develop their skills or provide them with the knowledge to better perform their job roles (First Aiders for example), you are providing them with a platform to perform their job at a higher level. You can also improve skills company-wide with courses that apply to everyone - Time Management is training that is suitable for all!

Certificates of achievement

At the end of each approved or accredited course, staff will receive a certificate with their pass mark and any approvals or accreditation logos on them. These certificates demonstrate the knowledge and skills staff have learnt and also allows them to show physical evidence of their achievements. 

Accuracy of information

When training is approved by authorities that specialise in particular industries, (IOSH specialise in Health & Safety, for example), it confirms the level of quality and accuracy in the training that is provided. Some of our courses also have more specific approvals, like our Asbestos Awareness Course being approved by IATP, who only approve training providers that offer training that is relevant to Asbestos.

iHasco Approved Training

Have you seen our range of approved and accredited courses? We want our training to be the best workplace training you and your staff have ever used. To achieve this, we aim to get our courses independently audited by as many recognised authorities as possible, so that our clients can be guaranteed that the quality of each course is of the highest possible standard.

Get started with a free, no-obligation trial today and access our entire course library!!

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