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An update to our GDPR White Paper

GDPR White Paper - An overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Despite the UK’s departure from the EU, it’s not the end of the GDPR. It has been brought into UK law and whilst there are very few differences, besides where the Regulation is enforced, who enforces it, whose data is covered, for example, businesses must continue to be GDPR compliant. Whether you process data from the EU or UK, you must have an understanding of the GDPR.

With that being said, we have updated our GDPR white paper to help you understand the Regulation and work towards compliance. It's packed with useful information including:

  • A complete overview and breakdown of the GDPR
  • How different industry sectors are affected by the Regulation
  • Uncovers common myths & misconceptions
  • GDPR Checklist

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New UK GDPR training courses

We have delivered over 483,000 training sessions on the GDPR. Our recently launched UK specific courses have been created to remove any confusion for organisations, to ensure they comply with protecting UK data after Brexit. 

Get instant free access to these courses and see how we can help you work towards GDPR compliance.

UK GDPR Essentials Training