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Free download: Your guide to returning furloughed employees and the end of furlough

Free download: Furlough, your options explored & returning employees. A guide for employers.

Before 2020 the word ‘furlough’ wasn’t a term many of us were familiar with. Yet now, it’s synonymous with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and is recognised by millions of employers and employees across the UK as a way to protect their livelihoods. Many businesses have been given this lifeline by the government, in the form of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (also known as the furlough scheme), to prevent mass redundancies where they have been forced to close or have suffered a drastic reduction in operations - as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.  

According to the most recent figures (31st Jan), furlough has cost the Treasury almost £50bn to date, 11.2 million jobs have been supported since March 2020, 4.7 million are currently on furlough and 4/10 employers are using the scheme. Businesses need to start planning how they can resume operations by bringing their team back to work as COVID restrictions begin to ease and start thinking about what the end of furlough might look like for them.

Download your 2-in-1 free guide surrounding the topic of furloughed employees. This download, created in partnership with Citation, will help you understand how to get back to business and determine how, when and if you can bring furloughed employees back. With the scheme ending on 30th September 2021, it is a good idea to start forward planning and understand the next steps you need to take.

Our first guide: Returning Furloughed employees, provides a list of initial considerations you need to make when taking the decision to return furloughed employees. A process of reflection and considering future plans is required to help bring your team back. There are also health and safety requirements and reintegration plans (such as re-inducting staff) to review.

Our second guide: The end of furlough: your options explored, provides an easy to follow, yes/no chart to allow employers to consider if a furloughed employee can return to their normal working arrangements. Considerations include whether furlough is a temporary situation due to enforced closure, or if there is any available work for the employee. It provides suggested actions for whichever outcome the flow chart takes you to, and will help you consider returning furloughed employees in a logical manner. 

Use the download button below to get access to this useful 2-in-1 guide.

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Plus don’t forget to visit our Coronavirus and Furlough Scheme FAQ and resources page for more information to support businesses during these uncertain times. 

Our Returning to Work Essentials Training bundle will help employers get their staff back to work safely and with confidence. Set up a free trial of these online courses to assess the suitability for your organisation, so you are prepared and ready with any training requirements to allow your staff to make a safe return.

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