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Free Download: Longer-term Homeworking Plans

Free download: COVID-19: Longer-term homeworking: an action plan for employers

Whether you love or loathe home working, the truth is that it is here to stay and many forward-thinking businesses will look to incorporate it into their longer-term plans.

During the first lockdown of 2020, employers could be forgiven for a less than smooth transition to remote working, however 10 months on there has been time to reflect and assess working practices to ensure employees have the tools and support to be effective remote workers.

In England the current national lockdown means that you are expected to work from home, where it is possible to do so, so once again millions of workers are embracing homeworking.  

In partnership with Citation, we have put together a free guide: COVID-19: Longer-term homeworking: an action plan for employers.

It includes a wealth of information to assist employers with developing a longer-term action plan surrounding homeworking.

The guidance includes:

  • Conducting a review of past experiences
  • Completing risk assessments
  • Updating paperwork 
  • Supporting wellbeing & communication
  • Free resources

Download Guide

The rise of homeworking…

The workplace as we know it is undergoing a transformation, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Positive change, in terms of more flexible working, and a more diverse workforce are just some of the benefits homeworking can bring. 

Pre-COVID, the ONS figures showed that only around 5% of those employed worked from home as their main location in 2019, compared to 49.4% in April 2020, due to the first lockdown. 

Further surveys have revealed that not only is homeworking welcomed by many, productivity has not suffered, but in fact increased in some cases. This has resulted in many companies extending their homeworking opportunities to all staff indefinitely, and once a return to the office is given the green light there may be fewer employees heading back to the office. Using this time now to fine-tune homeworking practices will help strengthen the future of a business. 

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