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2020 HSE Health & Safety at work statistics published

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have published their annual Health and Safety at Work Statistics Report for 2019/20 this past week. As we see each year, there have been some interesting changes in trends this year… 

“The rate of fatal injury showed a generally downward trend but has been broadly flat in recent years.”

“There were 174 new cases of occupational asthma seen by chest physicians in 2019, with evidence of an increase in the rate of new cases over recent years.”

“The rate of self-reported work-related musculoskeletal disorders showed a generally downward trend.”

“The rate of self-reported work-related stress, depression or anxiety has increased in recent years.”

Take a look at some of the key and important statistics from this years report…

HSE 2019/20 statistics

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2018/2019 compared to 2019/20

Some of the key changes in statistics looking at last year compared to this year (approximately): 

  • Work-related ill-health cases (new or long-standing) have risen by 200,000
  • Fatal injuries to workers dropped by 37
  • Annual costs of workplace injuries rise by £400,000
  • Non-fatal injuries to employees reported by employers drop by around 4,000
  • Workers suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety risen by 200,000
  • And Working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety rose by roughly 5 million.

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