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Still using a training matrix? It’s time to move on…


Are you still using an old school training matrix to keep track of your workplace training? We’ve all seen them before; the good, the bad, and the ugly, but the bottom line is that they’re usually outdated, clunky, and require a lot of upkeep! 

The good news is that there are plenty of options available to you if you are still using a training matrix. Many training administrators in recent years have turned to online solutions, namely Learning Management Systems to keep their workplace training, planning, and reporting all in a single place. 

Our free Learning Management System has come a long way over the years and provides the perfect solution to those looking for easy to use learning management and reporting tools. It provides all of the smart features you need without the cost and unnecessary baggage of a more complex, enterprise LMS. Think of it as an online, modern training matrix that also enrols your learners on training courses for you and provides you with handy reports! 

So, how can it replace a training matrix? I hear you ask… 

Easily pull reports

Our LMS gives you some great reporting tools and features and is perfect for any level of reporting you need. Just need to see the bigger picture? We give you that ‘at a glance’ overview of how your organisation is doing as a whole. Need more detailed reporting? We provide further reports such as our ‘consolidated training report’ which provides a more comprehensive picture of each user, and our ‘insights’ panel lets you quickly see recent changes made to your account. 

Automate almost everything 

Nobody wants to spend hours upon hours a week in a spreadsheet or a Learning Management System, for that matter. We take the pain out of repetitive tasks and allow you to speed everything up by automating key parts of your training journeys, including: 

Enrolment notifications - we’ll send your learners an email when you enrol them on a course.

Completion reminders - if a learner starts a course but doesn’t complete it we’ll remind them to complete it.

Renewal reminders - we’ll email you learners before the expiry date of the course so that they're always up to date on their training.

Organise your workforce 

For many, organising and setting up their workplace training can be a long-winded and laborious task. We make this process simple with bulk user uploads, organisation segments, and smart enrolments. Here’s a brief overview of how they work: 

Bulk user uploads - Instead of uploading users one by one to our system, we allow you to upload users from an existing spreadsheet by simply uploading a CSV file. So whether you have 10 employees or 1000 employees, you can get them onto our system in just a click of a button. Alternatively, you can send us over your spreadsheet and we’ll upload it to your system for you! 

Organisational segments - We allow you to create segments for broad locations, departments, and/or areas of responsibility in your business. This allows you to report or view users in a specific segment, make administrators responsible for a particular segment, and use smart enrolments… 

Smart enrolments - By using our smart enrolments tool alongside segments, you can automatically enrol learners onto specific courses. For example, let’s say you work in the construction industry and have staff that are office-based and field-based. Your staff in the office may not need courses such as Working at Height or Asbestos Awareness, so with segments and smart enrolments, you can make sure that only your field-based staff are enrolled onto these courses. 

You can also take advantage of our API to perform a variety of tasks such as syncing users with your own existing systems, automating the process of populating your HR system with training records etc! 

Think you’re ready to make the switch? 

If you’re ready to make the switch to a Learning Management System that’s easy-to-use and FREE (with any course purchase), then get in touch with us today and we can give you a demo of our Learning Management System.