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What is a vehicle banksman?

A screenshot from our Banksman Essentials Training

A vehicle banksman, also known as a traffic marshal, is the person who is in charge of directing the movements of large vehicles on a worksite during loading and unloading.

Typically, a vehicle banksman is used to help manoeuver large cranes, but they can also be used to help manoeuver diggers, trucks, and other large vehicles.

Acting as the eyes and ears of large vehicles, a banksman must ensure that any manoeuvers the vehicle makes is completed safely and doesn't put the driver or others in danger.

Normally, the banksman will communicate with the driver using standard hand signals. By using these hand signals, the banksman can inform the driver of what is going on around the vehicle, as the driver may not have clear visibility of all angles around the vehicle.

Vehicle banksman can be called upon for a number of other duties, including directing traffic in, out, and around the site they are working on.

What is the importance of a vehicle banksman?

In an uncontrolled environment, there is a much higher chance of injuries and deaths occurring, as well as damaging equipment and vehicles.

Simply put, vehicle banksman are extremely important as they have a responsibility to ensure accidents don’t happen on-site.

With the right training, a banksman can recognise their responsibilities in the workplace and take control and direct vehicle operations.

With roughly a quarter of all workplace deaths being caused by moving vehicles, it is essential that every banksman has an understanding of the best ways to mitigate risks.

Banksman Essentials Training

Here at iHASCO, we recently released our Banksman Essentials Training course, which aims to help the user understand how to reduce the risk of accidents occurring when carrying out large vehicle manoeuvres.

Helping the user to understand the standard signals that are given in the Health and Safety (Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, this CPD Accredited can be completed in just 20 minutes and provides a printable certificate upon completion.

Banksman Essentials Training
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