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Why time management is crucial for productivity

What does it mean to be “productive”?

You might think it means simply getting as much done as you can in as short a time as humanly possible.

But that’s not sustainable; you run the risk of burning out as you slog your way through an unending stream of unforgiving, thankless tasks, barely keeping your head above water as you work frantically to combat endless emails, field phone calls, and deal with distractions. There’s nothing “productive” about that.

To be truly productive, you need to work smarter. You need to work consistently, at a sustainable level. You need to understand your own working style so you can prioritse your tasks and tackle them when your energy levels are at their highest. You need to learn how to make more time for the things that really matter and how to manage the things that don’t. You need Time Management.

Only by properly understanding where your time goes and managing it effectively can you be truly productive. It’s not just that Time Management is crucial for productivity, it’s that you can’t be productive without it.

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