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What does a post-COVID office look like?

As of the 1st August, the government updated their working from home advice to allow all employees to return to the workplace if COVID-secure measures are in place. With a large number of organisations having successfully adapted to remote working, for many there is no rush to return just yet. Yet for those that have missed the office environment, it came as a welcome development. With COVID-19 risk assessments and safety measures in place, a partial return to the office is now a reality.

However, what is apparent is that the future design of the office may look radically different from pre-COVID times. The purpose of the workplace is changing and what was once a busy, open plan environment could now be a more spacious flexible workspace. No one congregating around a desk or the kitchen and no more tea runs. Take a look at what the office of the future may look like in Raconteur's Future of Work report.

The report also features some of the most topical issues at the heart of businesses as a result of recent times, which iHASCO were pleased to play a part in. Download the report today and read our article - 'eLearning is shaping the future of employee training'. 

Designing the post-COVID office - infographic
Designing the post-COVID office (Link to PDF)

Key takeaways: 

  • 55% of employees want stricter policies against coming in sick 
  • 52% want increased opportunities to work from home 
  • 54% miss socialising with colleagues 
  • 44% would opt to work in the office full time 
  • Only 12% would work remotely 5 days a week 
Future of work report
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