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Introducing Smart Enrolments

Introducing Smart Enrolments

We’re very excited to announce that you can now use Smart Enrolments in your LMS to assign learners to courses!

Designed to work in line with our recently-updated Organisational Segments feature, Smart Enrolments allows training administrators to automatically enrol users in courses based on the organisational segment which they belong to.

Let’s say that everyone in your company needs to undertake Bullying & Harassment Training. More than likely, you’d want the management team to complete Bullying & Harassment Training for Managers. Before, you’d have to enrol users in these courses individually. Now, if you have an organisational segment for employees and another for management, you can link the general Bullying and Harassment course to the employee's segment and the Managers course to the management segment. The Smart Enrolments feature will take care of automatically enrolling users in the course and if you add new users that belong to these segments or edit the segment a user belongs to, their enrolments will automatically be updated accordingly.

Segments are completely flexible so you’re not just limited to using smart enrolments to enrol learners based on seniority, you could use this feature to automatically enrol learners in courses based on location (office, warehouse etc) or a custom field that denotes whether they drive for work for example... The possibilities are unlimited!

We believe that smart enrolments will make managing training for your employees even easier than it was already, especially if you’re managing multiple sites and hundreds, or thousands, of employees.

Getting help setting up Smart Enrolments

If you need assistance setting up organisational segments and smart enrolments, or if you’d like a demo of this new feature, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Account Manager.

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