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Can I take an iHASCO training course on any device?

At iHASCO, we feel it’s our duty to make a genuine difference – it’s one of our core values. 

We believe that the opportunity to learn, to increase knowledge, and to improve understanding should be open to absolutely everybody. That’s why we take accessibility very seriously and why we’re committed to constantly improving access to our courses.

So, our courses can be completed on any device and on any screen size. They include captions, machine translations and they are screen-reader compatible too.

Nobody should miss out on the opportunity to learn, improve, and help keep themselves and their colleagues safe at work, which is why our accessibility features are included at no extra cost.

Find out more about our training suite features today or Request a demo today to see just how our training courses can be delivered effectively everywhere for everyone! 

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* 14 day free trial use and 1 day course previews subject to our terms & conditions of use